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I help people of Burntwood get fit, drop weight & transform their bodies by simplifying nutrition & making exercise fun.

3 Simple Steps To Get Involved

Fill out the application form by clicking 'apply now'. This will help me determine if I can help you or not.

We'll have a friendly chat about what you're looking for, what you've tried etc. Only if I'm sure I can help will I give you the program details.

With a fully personalised plan, support & accountability reaching your goals will be inevitable. 

Why Is LTF Different?

Diet stands for: Ditch It Every Time. 

You've probably tried every diet out there. How's that worked out for you? 

Sure they work for a bit but inevitably the weird little rules get tiring. Avoiding carbs? good luck eating out in restaurants. Fasting? good luck dealing with the hunger. Clean eating? no more ice cream for you. 

All diets work in the same way: caloric restriction. So at LTF there's no weird rules, no "good food bad food debates". Just a simple way to make you eat less consistently without feeling deprived of anything. 

Its simple. It works. Its based on science. 

Active Games Not Exercise. 

Just like you've tried almost every day, you may have tried almost every type of exercise too. But its hard to stick to, right? 

Turns out researchers have figured out that if we have fun whilst being active then we are less likely to want to rewards ourselves with food or treats afterwards (see the image for proof).

This is why at LTF I focus on making everything we do FUN.  We play games that get you moving, get your heart rate up, get you burning caories and get you laughing. 


Coaching, Accountability & Community.

You've heard the saying 'a problem shared is a problem halved', right? 

Well when it comes to staying on track with a long term goal like changing your body this couldn't be more true. 

Which is why  this isn't just a random workout type of bootcamp. 

You get access to me as your coach but best of all? You'll be surrounded by busy people just like you all working towards the same goal together

And when you're surrounded by like-minded people like that? You can't help but be motivated and stay consistent.  

People Love It Here. You Will Too.

Where Could You Be 30 Days From Now?

How long have you felt stuck with your body, fitness and self confidence? 

You could keep spinning your wheels....keep telling ourself you'll "start soon"...keep looking for the magic solution (hint: it doesn't exist). 

Or.. could start today. Right now. And 30 days from now  you could be a totally new you: lighter, fitter, more energetic, more self confident & assured that you're moving forwards with your physical goals and can see the path to keep going. 

So if you're ready to do this, I'm here to help. Lets do it!

Sounds Great, But How Much Is It?

If you really are ready to make this finally happen and you recognise having the help of an experienced expert coach in your corner will make things a lot easier then you can get involved for...

...less than the cost of a take-away coffee!

Seriously, LTF training camp works out at just £3.25 per day or just £8.25 per session. If you attend 3 sessions per week thats just £99 per month in return for 12 community based fun training sessions, 24/7 coaching, personalised nutrition, accountability, free t-shirts and a whole host of other surprises.  

In contrast you can hire a personal trainer one-to-one for £20 per session. If you attend 3x per week thats £60 per week or £240 per month. They'll force you to train in a gym, will likely not help you with nutrition, they won't coach you, you won't be part of a community and they won't have been where you are like I have...

About Coach Deggers

Stuart Degville

Master Coach & Mentor To Busy People 30yrs+, Founder Of LTF Training Camp

Hi, I'm Coach Deggers.

I love animals (probably more than humans). 

I also love helping people simplify this fitness stuff so they can actually do it and get results. 

I've been out of shape myself. I've gotten back into shape. I had to get help to make that happen. And I've learned a lot a long the way. 

These days I teach these "secrets" to my members inside the LTF bootcamp and coaching program. 


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How Much Is It?

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